Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Style tips for Plus size women

I will always be one of those people who are forever on the other side of the weighing scale.Not because I'm particularly lazy or a big foodie.

I would just describe myself as an attractive woman(I'm too self- obsessed) with a healthy body that is filled out in more places than others. And, this is nothing to be ashamed off.

Shopping for plus sizes(specially in our country) can be a real battle for us girls. So, here are some fabulous tips to follow and have fun with fashion.

Dress for your body shape and not your size.

The way clothes drape on you is the main factor.It has got nothing to do with your size.Look for items that work well for your body type.Emphasize your assets and hide your imperfections.


Perfect that fit!!!

Have a local tailor on speed dial.Tweaking the garments according to your body makes a lot of difference. Don't go for extremes(too baggy or tight)and aim for a well tailored fit that skims your body.

Lingerie & shapewear

Make your foundation( read undergarments, lingerie, shapewear et al) game strong. It gives the perfect base to your outfit.

Follow fashion trends

Pick out the best colors, trends, prints of the season suiting your body type.Go for looks that flatter your body and personal style.

Don't wait to lose weight to look great 

Having fun with fashion has got nothing to do with your size. Purchase items for today and not for the future. They can always be altered to fit the leaner you.

So girls, dress up and rule the world!!